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Feature your course

Get them properly organized

Start with proper planning with your passion at consist level. Then choose one of the best topic and create a strategy of your lectures in Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, or any other notebook.

Stay connected the way you want. You can even design and organize courses in many other languages as well and inspire more students with attractive visuals and course description

How we support you

WeGeek offers 24/7 assistance that help you to know about how to build your own course, compile with worksheets and real-world examples. Also, our instructor dashboard and curriculum pages will help you to get an idea about how we work.

Record A Video

Record a video with acceptable background. We recommend DSLR cameras but you can also use any smartphone which has good camera results. Prepare your video recordings of your course with sensible manner.

Fear of Cameras? No worries, use slides, PowerPoint presentation or screenshots of your course content.

How we support you

WeGeek offers 24/7 assistance that help you to know about how to build your own course. Share your recorded video with us for free review, we will add useful elements and visuals with effects to make your video attractive for others.

Build Your Community

Engage your target audience

Create subjective quizzes, learning exercises, and assignments to build interactivity with your target audience. Write welcome note for your students and answer their questions.

How we help you

We provide all the useful necessities for messaging, Q&As, course declarations, and quizzes, all in one on a single place.

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WeGeek have improved lives by connecting instructors with students Worldwide

WeGeek has provided me the best opportunity to reach a global audience for my classes that was quite difficult at other platforms.

Jean Lurssen


Introducing my first course on WeGeek that allowed me to leave my full-time job and manage my own organization. I stopped working as a regular job and putting my efforts to setting my own hours and schedule

Emin Caliskan

Digital Marketer

Teaching at WeGeek gives me a good feel that I’m having good professional relationship with my students worldwide. I love to put my efforts in human development.

Hussam Khrais

Web Instructor